Security & Privacy

HTTPS Certificate All i2s sites are secured with a HTTPS certificate with A+ rating, which allows secure login without local or en-route sniffing
Password management Passwords are strongly hashed and salted and never stored in plain text
User Access All user login attempts are logged and timestamped
2FA i2s supports Two Factor Authentication for any account and is strongly recommended for key accounts
Data Center i2s Servers are provided by a 3rd Party Cloud provider and provide security and privacy compliance and certification.
Data Access Only you, the client, and qualified i2s support staff have access to the data on the servers. The data is not shared with external contractors or sold/used in any way except to perform the functionality requested
Service Access Access to all Services are controlled by Security Groups that are user defined
Web Server Hardening Strong security measures are applied to make sure no unauthorised access to documents or other files present on the server
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