Mission Statement

We believe quality school management systems should be available to schools no matter their budget to help achieve the best learning outcomes possible.

Pricing & Features

Everyone, Everywhere

Bring your school together with a system engineered from the ground up to support administrators, teachers, pupils & parents on one seamless platform on desktop, tablet & mobile.

Pricing & Features

Packed with features

Over 40 Services bring together People, Admissions, Timetabling, School Lunches, Parent Teacher Conferencing and Clubs as well as parent engagement and a host of other functionality that all work together from a single log in.

Pricing & Features

3 Tiers to support all budgets

A School Management System is essential for child protection and a smooth running school. That is why we offer i2s in 3 flavours to make sure all schools can afford a quality system.

Pricing & Features

Whole School Community

Read how i2s supports the different parts of your school community in one fully integrated and coherent package.

School Administrators

Simplify the day-to-day running of your school and provide the needed visibility school leaders and managers require.
Flexible and powerful Services are backed up by a fully customisable dashboard allowing instantly to see important metrics & information.
Stay on top of communications with a directly accessible calendar, messaging and stream.

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Easy to learn and fast to use for all day-to-day needs of a teacher.
Attendance, looking up information, personalised timetables, communicating with parents and pupils and more...

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Access to the latest communications, school reports and other information about your children directly all in one place.
Register your interest in the school and apply directly. View your children's timetables, clubs and more.

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